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PNG Wedding Films – Wedding Videography Chicago

Wedding Videos

This is what we are all about, wedding videography Chicago style. The Highlight Film is the core of our wedding videography services. We film the entire day, including the bridal preparation, ceremony, and reception. Then we take all of that footage and we boil it down into a fast paced HD Highlight Film. Most people will never want to sit and watch your entire ceremony footage. But hundreds of people will take the time to watch your highlight video. Most of our clients post their Highlight Film on facebook, youtube and vimeo. The wedding videos get hundreds, sometimes thousands of views. There is no better way to share your wedding video than having a Highlight Film of all the best moments of the entire day.

Bonus Footage

As a wedding videography Chicago style company, PNG Wedding Films is very unique. We do something that no other wedding videography company offers. A lot of my clients ask me, “What happens to all the footage you don’t use in the video?” After hearing this over and over again, I decided to come up with a solution. We call it Bonus Footage. We go through all the wedding video footage and select all the best clips.Then we give them to you. That way none of the wedding footage goes to waste. From those clips we select, we take the best of the best and create the main wedding video. This is what makes PNG Wedding films a wedding videography Chicago style company.

2-3 Wedding Videographers

Many companies out there only send out one videographer to film your special day. But we have found that you need at least 2-3 wedding videographers in order to capture the perfect wedding video. This provides so many more angles and shots. So the final product is a much better wedding video than if you only had one videographer. My wife and I do all the filming together. But we often bring another videographer in order to provide the highest level of wedding videography Chicago has to offer. Check out our prices and packages on the wedding videography investment page.

Hours of Coverage

So you might be wondering, “How long do you film on the wedding day?” Well, that is up to you. Depending on the wedding videography package you select. We film anywhere from 10 hours, to the entire day of the wedding. If you want us to stay the whole day, we are willing to do that for an additional fee. Most couples choose 12+ hours because they want the entire day filmed. From the moment they start getting ready to when they toss the garter and the bouquet. No matter which wedding videography package you select, it is always our goal to capture every important moment of the entire day. So choose the wedding videography Chicago package that is right for you. We promise to deliver some of the highest quality wedding videography Chicago has to offer.

Full Ceremony Video

In addition to the main wedding video, we also provide an edited version of the full ceremony. We setup professional sound equipment and run 3 HD cameras during the ceremony. Providing 3 different angles during the ceremony video. Then we take the audio that was captured, the vows in particular and we edit them together to create a stunning ceremony wedding video. We provide this additional wedding video to you for no additional charge. It is included in our wedding videography package.

Toasts and Speeches

At almost every wedding there are important toasts and speeches given to the bride and groom from family and friends. We make sure to capture all of these moments and we provide them to you on additional chapters on the wedding DVD. We film each toast or speech with 2 HD cameras and capture the audio. So that you will be able to remember these moments forever. We feel this should be included in our wedding videography package at no additional charge. Just another reason why we consider ourselves to be among the best when it comes to wedding videography chicago style.

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